Thursday, 10 December 2009

Creeping into reality

How easily two comments can affect one's subconscious and then some.
No, I haven't snogged a girl nor have I fucked a bloke with a strap-on. My dreams for the last few nights have been intense and realistic with the content now it's creeping into my conscious and waking hours.
I (haven't) snogged a girl
On the tube earlier I saw a gorgeous girl with luscious lips and found myself fantasising what it would be like to have her lips on mine, my hands slowly holding and caressing the back of her neck. Although the not-as-sensual looking bloke next to her made my clit twitch in a way she didn't!
Birthday present
And the birthday offer of being a man's first so to speak, this dream was more vivid because I was both the giver and receiver at different times.
I think there is something that invigorates my dominant side, to slide into his hotel room, I'm dressed in (at least knee) high boots, a very short leather skirt *cough* belt, nipple tassles, all wrapped in a trench coat.
I would enter the room, there would be an air of anticipation, my dream cut out any niceties and went straight to lubed strap-on penetration, but later on the dream, I am being pushed over the end of the bed. My skirt is so short it doesn't need adjusting, I am being penetrating vaginally, with me begging him to fuck my arse with his thumb.
Later the next day, I found myself looking for double-ended dildos, with a smile on my face.
The intensity of both dreams have given me satisfaction (not to mention wank fodder), but at the same time left me with an overwhelming curiosity.
When asked what I got for my birthday, I told one of my friends 'my offer', their reaction was similar to mine; surprise, laughter, wondering, curiosity and serious contemplation...

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