Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Congratulations: Ryan Giggs's Personality

In the lead up to this week's BBC Sports Personality of the Year award, we had a sweepstake on the winner; one wouldn't believe some of people, materials and cataclysmic events subject to our betting.
There are those that are downright sick, luckily this wasn't one of those times.
The nominees BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2009 were:
Mark Cavendish
Tom Daley
So my money was on David Haye, the boxer of David and Goliath fight earlier this year, plus he actually seems to have a personality. Harsh on the others? Maybe.
I wouldn't have been taken aback if tipped-favourite Jenson Button or 2012 Olympic hopefuls (we like to award those that are willing to give it a bloody good go) would have come in first.
I was however surprised at Ryan Gigg's triumph, not because he was undeserving, quite the opposite. Let's forget for just a minute that Ryan plays for Manchester United, he is currently the "most decorated player in English football history".
Although his talent and flair are undeniable, they definitely haven't been honed this year and the amount of times I have heard how the England football team would progress in competitions with his input, but one would have to admire his family loyalty choosing to play for Wales. I was reminded of the speculation surrounding Martin Scorsese when he finally won that elusive Academy Award for Best Director, as if to compensate for the year(s) he didn't win...
It was a timely reminder not to overlook a strong industrious and loyal addition that could easily be taken for granted.
And in turn I have started to write personal cards and emails, not only to those friends I miss and love, but to the ones I see regularly and who are unconditionally at the end of my sometimes brisk attitude.
Congratulations Ryan Giggs xx


  1. Hmm, I was sure when I saw the title of this post that at some point you'd be licking Giggsy's nipples. Even if it was just in your head.

  2. My apologies.

    I assumed it went without saying that the stamina, strength and testosterone of a sportsman is O R G A S M I C!!

    Now the thought of Giggsy's nipples will be the centre point of my next *cough* lay down.