Sunday, 6 December 2009


Last night with Keaton somewhere between drink two and three, I could feel confrontation brewing. Inside of me.
I stated that I needed someone to be stronger than me, be dominant or at least a worthy equal. That may sound shallow, but I know if I can walk all over someone, I probably will, if not at first then eventually. And I need someone that wants to jump me!
He doubted that he had that in him.
It was sad, and frustrating.
I ended up walking out in a huff a) for dramatic effect - yes I can be that much of a bitch - and b) I didn't want to say something I would most definitely regret, and those hurtful words were perched at the end of my tongue.
I got my just deserts though, as I was walking home I sprained my ankle.
A friend said that she hadn't seen me so animated for a long time when I spoke about Keaton, and it's true. When she challenged me about Jason, there was nothing to say, it's just sex, not the same connection that I have with Keaton, although Keaton won't have sex with me!
I like Keaton, but I can't compromise, well I don't think I can.

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