Saturday, 19 December 2009


Communication is important to me.
Quiet boy hated instant messaging, Pussy boy hated phone calls, and I recall one ex who would always have his phone on silent and would only think to check it once a week if that.
It wasn't just that Quiet boy hated instant messaging, he deliberately would distance himself from it, and in turn made me want to speak to him more - talk about reverse psychology!
What men don't seen to understand is that good communication is like foreplay. Much of my sexual anticipation stems from thoughts, feelings and fantasies, I am usually turned on before I actually arrive on a date, first dates aside.
I hate feeling like I can't say what I want, when I want. And of course this can only but get me into trouble!
Call me xx


  1. Well done. I'm all about the dirty talk, and agree that communication is all part of the dance.

  2. I'm with you on this - I'm a good communicator when I'm not with a's when we're in the same room the problems begin.

  3. instant messaging is definetely foreplay to me....
    phone calls are more about sharing emotions and being open with the person. i've never really been into phone sex or cyber sex, but messaging things you wouldn't normally say on the phone or in person is exciting.

  4. Ken

    If more men realised that, I would be laughing (all the time!).


    I bet that's not true!


    I agree, even if you're going to blush at least they can't see it! Although I have been on the wrong end of a "have you come yet conversation".