Friday, 18 December 2009


With the influx of popular social networking and mobile applications, the particular ones that worried me most were the ones that announced to the world or select group of e-friends where you are positioned to almost unnerving precision.
Along the lines of:
Thirty has arrived at work (full address, postcode together with longitude and latitude references, ordinance survey anyone?) - Monday, 09:03
Thirty has arrived at the Odeon, Leicester Square - Wednesday, 18:00
And luckily not:
Thirty has drunk too much mulled wine and is trying to hail a cab using the proven whistle method.
For me, it felt one step too far with the ol' sharing stuff.
Until now, I have realised that it is by the far the most fabulous invention.
Through Facebook and alike I can know see where the majority of my exes are during social hours.
Now before I get done for potential stalking (Me? Never!), I use it for opposite reasons, I can now actively avoid those ex-boyfriends/lovers/flings, it's too small a world and time is too precious!
Thirty is hibernating until later this evening...

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