Monday, 7 December 2009

All set up

At the beginning of this year a friend let out those damned words:
I have someone PERFECT for you! I'll set you up.
Looking back, I should have asked for her to introduce me to him at a party or dinner or something that wouldn't have been filled with such expectation, but in my post-New Year optimism I agreed to go out with him. We met at four. I mean who meets at four? Or why meet at four?
Cue three hours later and it's only seven o'clock and not the best date. It was a laugh but a forced one. I offered up that we tell our mutual friends that there was no spark at which point he looked offended. Talk about conversation killer!
Months later he agreed that we weren't suited and apologised his ego couldn't take the comment. Wouldn't it be great if egos could be left at the door? I'm realistic, I don't fancy every man so why would I presume every man to fancy me*?.
It really isn't personal, although it feels just that, but everyone has different tastes, wants and desires.
* With exception to the one that got away of course!


  1. I would have been a bit taken aback by such an abrupt comment. Nice post though.

  2. The comment wasn't made that abruptly, it was more like 'what do you think friend A and friend B will say when they find out we didn't have any chemistry?'