Friday, 25 December 2009

12 Days of Christmas - You'd Better Be Naked

Christmasa few years back, the love of my life and I were on an air-bed at one of our parent's.

Going on a search for beverages or a trip to the toilet, I can't recall which, he turned to me and jokingly said 'you'd better be naked when I get back'.

I took off my clothes and strategically placed them on top on my body.  When he returned there was a hint of disappointment as at first glance I still looked fully dressed, he thought he might be losing his charm! That was, until, I rolled over and my clothes dropped off.

It could have been sexy if he would have stopped laughing!


  1. Haha. Nice trick - sounds like a good night.

  2. It was a fab night and a brilliant Christmas. The air-bed needed new air every few hours though!