Saturday, 26 December 2009

12 days of Christmas - Mistletoe and wine

Diary entry from December 2006

Last night - at a party - no chance of pulling - it's just close friends. I was chatting to a female friend discussing that from now on I'm just going to go out and have more fun... Less intensity, more fun.

After more drinks, I put my head on another friend's shoulder, a male friend, all of a sudden we're kissing, slowly at first, then harder and faster. Mmmm, nice, just the right size mouth, soft lips, slight stubble.

I go to the kitchen to top up my glass, he follows me in, shuts the door, kissing resumes, my jeans are undone, his jeans are undone, he's so hard, I'm soping wet, my jeans are now on the floor, I'm bent over the sink, he reaches for a condom, there is a momentary "should I, shouldn't I?" thought, I want him, I tell him so, he fetches a condom, he enters me slowly to begin with, and then like the kissing harder and faster, I think I scream out.

Excellent night.

Diary entry from December 2006

It's Christmas.

My friend from the party [above - Kitchen boy] is a willing participant of the festive celebrations. I am reserved around him, then with one smile from him I relax. We joke about the kitchen, the noise, the bruises that followed. Before midnight, we are back to normal, best of friends...

At midnight, everyone kisses everyone. Just after midnight, we kiss again, with tongues this time, hard and fast. We're then in the back garden, alienating the smokers, kissing loudly, trying to grope each other through tight denim... I am invited to stay at his, which I accept, hours later at his we carry on where we left off.

Happy New Year!!!

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