Thursday, 31 December 2009

12 Days of Christmas - The Gift of Moxie

Relationships can be a non-stop train to crazyville if one lets it.

We've all got friends or our own experiences of when one can't see the trees for looking when in comes to involvement with the wrong person, at the wrong time and in the wrong place!!

Which is why I can recommend wholeheartedly
Moxie in the City and her amazing blog 'And THAT'S Why You're Single'. Moxie is straight-talking, no-nonsense but with the smidgen of reality that is needed, especially when considering all the rose-tinted advice out there.

Moxie's questions and subsequent answers are thought provoking and more than
interesting. Her readership are encouraged to add their own opinion and experiences, which with any blog having the view of not only peers but those of the opposite sex invaluable.

Just one more thing - I would like to add that as she introduced me to the gorgeousness that is Matthew Gray Gubler, and according to my sources it is Moxie's birthday today, so all say after me: Happy Birthday Moxie, for she's a jolly good fellow xx

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