Sunday, 27 December 2009

12 Days of Christmas - Christmas Past

Diary entry from Boxing Day 2004

Background: In early November I had broken up with the Love of my Life for good, or so I thought, we got back together in February of 2005, but I didn't know that at this point.

On my birthday that year, I bumped into a man from my past, from my teenage years, Rover. The night ended in a kiss, then another and endless conversations from reminiscing old memories to putting the world to rights.

I explained that I had just got out of a heavy relationship and in no fit state to be in a new relationship, and should I be involved with anyone, I certainly couldn't guarantee anything more than a rebound fling.


We had that rebound fling and Boxing Day we fell into an exhausted heap onto my sofa after a week of festive celebrations. Watching a perfect-for-Christmas film, kissing became petting, and then sex.

To my horror the condom split, I think there was a small amount of pride in him, that his manhood had managed to split the condom.

I was not so calm, he had a reputation, and he had said on more than one occasion that we didn't have to use condoms, although I insisted that we did. If rumours were to be believed, wearing two condoms might not be enough!

I was tired and distraught, I asked him to leave, calling him a taxi. To add to my neurotic misery, I doubted that my pill would be 100% effective after leaving them at home three days in a row earlier in the week.

When we broke up in early January after four or so weeks together, Rover thought that I hadn't been serious about the extent of my rebound state of mind, I'm can be a hedonist, I threw myself into our time together. I was heartbroken (about the Love of my Life) and should the time have been different who knows?

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