Sunday, 8 November 2009

We undressed...

Last night, when Quiet boy and I undressed to our underwear, I find the time between underwear and naked an incredible turn on, him on me, us kissing, with the protection of one layer of cotton and one layer of lace.
As the kissing intensified, he slowly removed my knickers, another turn on. He sits up and slowly pulls down the material, starting with my buttocks, over the knees, nearly tickling the soles of my feet.
All the while, his eyes taking in my pussy, with his fingers, he traces the outline of where my knickers just moments before safeguarded my modesty, he knows I am aching for him to touch me, but takes his time circling.
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  1. hi, gave you an award ;) do check it out at:

  2. Thank you!!

    I am just reading through the small print and will place it next to my favourite sex toy.

    Many thanks xx