Sunday, 1 November 2009

Wanted: Femme Fatale

This conversation annoyed me more than I first realised. I was upset mainly due to the fact that she was my partner in crime, my confidante, the girl I could say anything to and now she is judging me!
Yesterday with another friend I let out my bottled justification speech. In return I was greeted with a very compassionate and empathetic "I've not seen you so self-assured in years, it's your life, you have to live with the consequences... Enjoy it..."
Exactly why I love some of my friends.
I have a healthy mix of friends, but I go out more with my male friends. Not just because I enjoy the company of testosterone but the majority of my female friends have settled down, had children and going out and meeting up for them isn't the priority it once was.
I need a new partner in crime - a wingwoman, or man I suppose.
Someone I don't have to:
- Beg to go to a fetish club with and when we eventually go to buy tickets find that we've left it too late, they've sold out.
- Accidently stumble over a shop like Fettered Pleasures (not easy to accidently-on-purpose find that place, even less so on a match day) when on a girlie shopping expedition.
- Someone to share the anxiety with!
How does one go about finding such a woman?
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  1. Non-judgemental open-minded London-based woman available for discussions over drinks, shopping trips and fetish clubbing. Contact me via Twitter if interested.

  2. It's great to know such woman exist!!!