Saturday, 14 November 2009

To phone or not to phone

At the date with a Jonathan, I had my phone on the table, I explained that a colleague would be phoning as they landed and it would be easier to take a ten second call than deal with a late night voicemail, I apologised if that seemed rude. He said he was fine with it.
But, what is the etiquette when it comes to mobile devices and dating?
I now, exclusively it would seem, to use my phone in place of not only a communicator, a camera, a video camera, a voice recorder, a timer, a calculator, an alarm but a watch! Quelle heure est-il?
Personally, I feel a phone should not be a part of a date, it sets a very bad tone (boom boom?).
I am now very conscious of all phone activity...
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  1. I also feel that a phone should not be part of a date. But sometimes it needs to be. If a man tells me he is expecting an important call or text (like you did), I'm fine with it. Although, truthfully, I'm becoming less and less fine...

  2. Phone cameras seem to get a lot of people into trouble, ie. sexting...hehehehe...

  3. Mobile phone? Pah! Your wrist should be graced by an elegant watch that just oozes style and sensuality...But then I sell watches, so I'm biased!

  4. Fat Controller

    You wouldn't believe how many watches I have lost over the years. I need a watch imprinted under the skin! (patent pending)