Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The things I love about men - the not-so-tall

My love of longer-legged men aside, my once-exclusive dating of man-giants has dissipated over the years, and I have seen the light with shorter men. In the style of old Hollywood romance - Bacall and Bogart were only within half an inch of each other in height.
In fact the pros and cons are nearly even, I mean, we're all the same lying down!
I like not having to creak my neck to kiss, the eye contact is more intense, and satisfyingly they make great, if not better lovers than their tall counterparts, it must have something to do with less of a journey that the all-important blood has to travel! Waking up wrapped in their legs, is a tighter fit, especially when taller men can be more gangly.
Although I went out with one bloke who was a couple of inches taller than me and complained that I wasn't shorter throughout our short (no pun intended) relationship, I wasn't going to let a bad apple ruin the bunch!
The only real con is regards to my love of high heels, but not-so-heels work just as well!
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  1. God bless you! Here's one short man's thanks for your efforts. GREAT post :-)

  2. Glad us short-arses get a look in too, otherwise I would have had to come round to bite your ankles! I've always wished I had a couple of extra height!

  3. you have a way with honest words. i too am short, or so people say, 5'7 i dont think is that bad to be judged upon. i enjoyed the post

  4. I am 6ft 4 and love being tall, but the only problem when it comes to women is dancing. Frankly couples on the dance floor look much better when the man is a few inches taller than the the lady. My dancing days are behind me since I broke my ankles, but I remember feeling awkward at weddings and such when the girl I was with just about reached my sternum.