Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The things I love about men - Height

I must have been older than twenty before I dated a man under six foot.
Apparently tall men get the better end of the stick (according to shorter men maybe?!), but there is something very attractive about a tall man.
Although I think it's more to do with confident tall men rather than just the huge height, as I have met a considerable amount of tall but shy men, who find their out of the ordinary height uncomfortable and hence stoop.
I can't specifically pinpoint what it is about tall men, it's the full kit and caboodle. The long legs certainly help! I'm sure there is endless scientific research to back all my animalistic attractions.
I like looking up to a man as we kiss. I like it when I can (standing up, of course!) fit under a man's chin, and even better when I can with heels on.
Long legs, yum!
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