Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The things I love about men - Beards

I have a weakness for beards, specifically of course bearded men.
There is something about soft kisses from a bearded man travelling along an inner thigh to a freshly waxed clitoris and that feeling can not be replicated (on your own time). Unless of course I am missing that line of sex toys.
Not just sexually, but the way a beard frames a man's face, the softness you feel when you hold on for a kiss.
And of course the neanderthal look makes my loins stir!
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  1. Woohoo ! *runs his fingers through his goatee*

  2. As a reluctant ex-beardie I got H. to read this. She pointed out that the problem with men's beards is that they unfortunately get more bristly with age. And I thought getting stiffer as you got older would be an unqualified good thing!

  3. Dear FC,

    Speaking to a friend on this very subject - she gets her husband to condition his beard once a week! And there are other rules and regulations she has for his beard and ear trimming... But at that point it all got a bit much for me.