Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sunday smacker

After Friday's antics I was actually feeling low and confused, I nearly cancelled or at least tempted to postpone my date with Keaton.
What a mistake that would have been. Our first date was fun but I was worried it was lacking chemistry, not on my part, but still.
I was surprisingly nervous, I realised my anxiety was more to do with what if the feeling in the pit of my stomach, that the butterflies weren't to be reciprocated, these soon passed as I told myself that he had been very complimentary, he asked me out (again) and he seemed to be having a good time.
Thinking back to my body language research there were more than enough of the right signals. Our bodies were leaning towards each other, our postures in alignment, our eye contact was holding longer and longer. I am not subtle when it comes to hair playing and lip touching - although I wouldn't have been aware of this had I not been consciously inspecting and analysing my movements.
After a couple of hours of non-stop chatter, drinks and laughs, we kissed. I would like to say I had the self control to have waited for him to kiss me, alas, I didn't.
I kissed him, softly and slowly, on the lips (no tongue) and returned to my side of the table. His smile turned to a grin, and he immediately repaid the kiss but harder. Wow!
Before the date, I had spent the week thinking what kind of kisser he would be, and was very impressed. Now that I know (for the record; great, amazing, perfect), I can't help but fantasise what kind of lover he will be...
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