Monday, 30 November 2009

A Rut

I am suffering from my very own sex drought, it's been what, three weeks or so (if that?!) since any sexual activity, snogging aside, not the longest time in anyone's book but it's seriously notable in my life I have had the misfortune to discover.
Towards the end of last week, I felt my libido starting to wane.
My minimum of two wanks a day had decreased, my mood lowered, my neurosis at its most destructive and this morning I realised it's been at least three days without masturbation.
How easy is it to get into a rut?
The moment I returned home this evening, I found my favourite vibrator and retired for half an hour, two wanks later, I was feeling much better.
To my delight, Jason then sent me a message detailing exactly what he was going to do with me when we meet up. This prompted a third ladyplay and a fourth is pencilled in for bedtime.
I feel like a new woman!
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