Sunday, 22 November 2009

Nine dangerous words

I ran into a Uni friend that I hadn't seen in ages and uttered nine harmless (they sounded harmless in my head) words "I used to have the biggest crush on you", followed by an even less virtuous giggle.
Then it hit me, could those words be any less innocent? Subconsciously or otherwise, the intent was clear, I might have well have said I used fancy you, well, actually I probably still do.
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  1. did it go anywhere.......? did it work?

  2. Us blokes are notoriously insensitive to this sort of thing. Years ago I found out that a work colleague had a crush on me on the day she left for another job i.e too late to do anything about it! It was only then that I looked back and could see that all the signs were there, I just hadn't seen them! Sometimes you need to be a bit less throwing a brick through the bloke's window with a message on it or something!

  3. RenRexx

    I did make the comment innocently enough, but he suggested that we go for a drink. Unfortunately he's not the same bloke I used to daydream about - let's just say old crushes should be left in the past!

    Fat Controller

    I love "throwing a brick through the bloke's window with a message on it or something", I'll be adding that to my box of tricks...