Monday, 2 November 2009

Lucky knickers

Last night when I should have been doing a million other errands and chores, I decided to sort out my knickers. Obviously a priority!
When I was younger I had a pair of lucky knickers. They were bright, almost illuminous, orange and whenever I wore them I was granted with a kiss, fondle or sex. They met an unfortunate end involving a microwave.
Some women have an awful habit of keeping underwear for much longer past their shelf life. I am one of those women and as such need to be vigilant. Most of my underwear is black, so much so for a dress over the summer I had to buy some white knickers. I think it may be time for some lighter underwear as I have recently bought a cream satin basque. My knickers can be filed into three categories:
Cute, sexy and lacy underwear. Favourite date underwear matches a selection of suspender belts and bras. I adore the way lacy underwear makes me feel, and how they feel against my skin, the same goes for wearing stockings. I walk differently, the spring in my step heightened. I love the effect such underwear can and does have on partners. I love when Jason undresses me, his eyes light up when he senses a suspender belt and fingers the outline of knickers and stocking tops.
Girls need period pants. Nice comfortable cotton briefs for those times of the month but I try and keep these as far away from my dates as possible.
I can't or won't go into detail, let's just say old, discoloured, maybe the occasional hole and not in a good way.
I am now free of old knickers and feel cleansed of bad underwear karma.
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  1. Favourite quote from Jo Brand: 'Women have two types of knickers: One is black and the size of an atom, the other is grey and the size of Buckinghamshire'.

  2. So true! I wonder how long my knicker drawer with be grey-free?!