Friday, 6 November 2009

"I like scruffy women"

I met a bloke last week who declared "I like scruffy women".
I wasn't sure how to take that, me being in a cocktail dress at the time, but as it was a work event with lots of boring schmoozing, I politely entertained his conversation.
I challenged his views further:
Make-up? Maybe a little lipgloss and mascara
Hair? Brushed, swept over the eyes maybe...
Unkempt eyebrows? He couldn't distinguish between neat and unkempt eyebrows
Hairy legs? No more than a couple of days growth
Hairy armpits? *nauseous face*
Unhygenic? Yuck!
To summarise he likes women who look like they've got ready in ten to fifteen minutes unaware that it probably took a lot more time than one would like to admit.
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  1. So he meant scruffyish *looking*, or women with a scruffy look I guess?

  2. Only a couple of days' growth? He doesn't know what he's missing. Nice post.