Wednesday, 4 November 2009

How many fingers?

After a couple days of silence followed by a second full-on conversation of me repeating I cannot or will not reassure Quiet boy any further, we met up last night.
After a bout of indecisiveness on his part, we finally got to have some drinks and a lovely dinner. We spoke openly and the evening was full of laughter and smiles.
The steaminess from our last meeting was not continued, in fact I was cool, calm and collected, and made an effort not to touch him, I wanted to be in control of the situation.
A trip to the local cinema changed that. With hindsight, we probably should have been seated in the back row. Although there is a level of innocence about petting through clothes...
Back at mine and of course now I was wishing I had shaved my legs! They were still smooth-ish but not super sexy smooth.
I was determined we would not have sex or at least not penetrative sex, I want(ed) to allow the relationship to progress before jumping back into old routines.
In bed, we embraced, his erection was overwhelming, we partook in some mutual masturbation, it was so intense, I could feel him add a second finger and then maybe more (I actually had to ask him the next day how many fingers he had in me - for the record; three).
Mastubation turned to him kissing and licking my clit, slowly and precisely at first, somehow I was laying across the bed horizontally, with my head hanging down. I suggested going from this position to a 69.
I love the 69 position.
His noises are always enthusiastic, I was so wet. I licked his cock like a lollipop, and taking it into my mouth, the taste of pre-cum was evident straight away, the simultaneous licking, kissing and sucking must have carried on for about twenty more minutes, I was on the brink of coming when he ejaculated very hard and stopped. After a couple of minutes, I voiced my thoughts: "You do realise I hadn't come to climax...", he apologised but made no attempt to make amends.
The next morning, I awoke to find an erection in my back and a smile on his face. After some kissing - why is it with some people kissing without brushing your teeth doesn't feel yucky? - he began to play with my clit, inserting one finger and after some time another. I yearned to be fucked by his fingers and can't actually recall the last time I had been played with that ardently. It was obvious he was insistent on making me climax considering the night before, I did, very hard.
Note to self: Introduce Quiet boy to lube.
Avoiding penetration with the intent of holding back on too much of emotional connection was perhaps a mistake as the oral sex and masturbation we did have was the most intense and intimate I have experienced in a long while.
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