Friday, 27 November 2009


I have always assumed myself as straight, without hesitation. Last night a friend catigorically defined me as heteroflexible.
His reasons:
- I am so confident in my sexuality, it's likely to overflow (not sure)
- My choice of porn is nearly always lesbian (true)
- I flirt with girls (true)
- He could see me having a FMF threesome (maybe)
- My sensuality finds subjects and intellect attractive, not necessarily attributed to men (true)
- My one girl crush (true)
I obviously had to urban dictionary heteroflexible which is defined as 'A person who identifies themselves as primarily heterosexual but can find the same sex sexually appealing'.
He may have a point.
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  1. You'll find that a lot of women are het-flex, more so than men. It's all down to one simple fact: Women are more pleasing to the eye.

    Of course, I find absolutely no problem with this :p

  2. No one is 100 per cent straight. Fact. Nice post.

  3. I agree to a certain extent with Mike F, women are more het-flex than men. Currently female beauty sets the standards and surprise, surprise women all over the place are declaring their bi tendencies. A couple of thousand years ago it was male physicality that was celebrated, no doubt if the Greco/Roman culture had the internet all the minor celebrities would be online declaring that even though they never tried it, they consider themselves partial to cock as much as pussy. I disagree with plentymorefish in that I would consider myself 100% straight, (mind you maybe I am just in denial). Women do seem very fluid with their sexuality, which is something many men don't have a problem with although the swings both ways attention seeking of some women, (even celebrities), can be rather tedious. I find it hard enough dealing with one moody woman and can't possibly imagine living with two or more. Mind you I have had a few FFM threesomes and whilst they were ok I wouldn't say they were as much fun as the adult movie industry would lead you to believe.