Monday, 30 November 2009

Half the time

They say (who are they in this particular instance – I have no idea) to get over a courtship it allegedly takes half of the time of that relationship, so I start a timeline of my past relationships from the year 2000...
It shows my love for summer flings and have had around ten relationships in seven years. It looks more like a CV than a romantic timeline and think about the possible references I would receive, I have never had a substantial relationship outside of what is considered grieving time, what does this mean?
I am for the first time in years outside of the influence of past relationships, why am I thinking about relationships so much, more to the point, why am I thinking about Keaton with such intent?
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  1. it takes half the time of the relationship to get over it? Surely some mistake. Perhaps I am not understanding what you are saying. In my opinion, when its over its over, you may hanker after an ex - I certainly do about a few women but you generally know when the break up is coming and steel yourself in preparation.

    Ten relationships in seven years isn't bad going. Most of mine have lasted little more than a few weeks. I couldn't even count how many women I have had sex with but in terms of relationships I doubt I could compete with you.

  2. I think 'they' meant, the emotional attachment ceases.

    I didn't count two/three or even six week flings, only where exclusivity was discussed and then agreed.