Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Hair vs. Sex

The question here should be why I was even reading Liz Jones' Daily Fail column but I was and it infuriated me, it also actually made me feel sorry for her.
It also made me think of my own body hair rituals. For a date and for sex (not always the same thing) I do have my rituals, I make an effort. Not only to look sexy but to feel sexy. I love smooth legs smothered in stockings. My bush is usually bush-less or as bush-free as possible. Not for his benefit but for mine, I like the sensitivity of my skin in that area.
Left to my own devices, I probably shave my legs and underarm on a weekly basis, but realised the effort I go to when there is a potential orgasm is a tad over the top! But missing a wax wouldn't ever stop me having sex, it might make me explain before getting naked the extent of the *cough* forest, but if a bloke could be distracted enough by some hair not to want to have sex, well...
I am seeing Quiet boy this evening and as I shaved my legs last on Saturday, haven't done so today but also as I am not planning on him seeing my legs, I'm not too worried.
And Liz, I can't believe you didn't have wild sex in your youth to save and pay for electrolysis. My advice? Get laid! That's an order.
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  1. Make excuses for your pubic hair for fear of frightening the chap off? For me it is an adornment and a positive turn on! Don't believe that chaps won't go down on you unless you're bald as a billiard ball. I love a bit of hair down there, as long as it's clean and well-tended. Getting the odd hair stuck between the teeth is a small price to pay for such a magnificent sight. Remember, it grows there for a purpose, i.e. to concentrate and disseminate pheromones.

  2. Fat Controller, as ever I love your comments and the billiard ball analogy.

    I may have to have "...to concentrate and disseminate pheromones" printed on a t-shirt!