Monday, 16 November 2009

Friday fumble

After a week of good contact i.e. texting, calls and emails I was looking forward to seeing Quiet boy on Friday night.
When he arrived at mine, I was nearly ready, I was in hold-ups, knickers, bra and a silk robe, I got a peck on the lips, when I thought this was going to become a kiss, he pulled back. Great, another night of disappointment?!
As I took off my robe, and got dressed he looked away. With Quiet boy I am trying not to initiate anything and it's taking its toll, in fact it is infuriating that I can't just say and do as I desire. I hate to think of the repercussions of putting a kiss at the end of a text.
We went out to dinner and headed to mine to watch a DVD after missing last cinema times, as we were choosing a DVD, me being bent over to reach the bottom shelf, Quiet boy coyly lifted my skirt up to see and feel the knickers I was wearing. We watched most of the DVD, my clit throbbing as his strokes started by my ankles and eventually reached the tops of my hold-ups, I practically exploded on the spot as his fingers brushed my clitoris.
I shouldn't have said anything about my [not] climaxing previously as he made the rest of the night a "she will come" goal-oriented session which distracted from enjoying the evening to trying enjoy the outcome. Hours of touching, feeling, fingering, sucking, licking followed through to fucking.
We stayed awake on the post-orgasmic high, and we continued to talk into the early hours of the morning, I love it when we talk in bed, he was relaxed and open, there was a split second where my heart turned over and I thought I could fall in love with him again, then as his arrogance returned, that feeling of love or more likely euphoria disappeared.
After four or so hours asleep, we awoke. Kisses and cuddles organically became petting, again he was determined to make me come, not in a romantic sense a technical one. It was enjoyable all the same. It started with mutual masturbation, a little oral followed by a doggy fuck.
I mentioned that I had been asked out by someone else and probably would see him in the next fews days and he said that was good, he first asked for details, name, age etc. I said it was none of his concern, social networking would make it too easy for him to join the dots. Usually for when I am with Quiet boy, I actually asked him what his problem was when he arrived the previous evening, on my brain at the time was a snog plus a quickie before heading out to dinner, he said he was in a mood. When I tried to discover why, he wouldn't budge.
He left promptly afterwards.
Not long after, I was relieved, I couldn't quite take in how much effort it had been to try and have a nice night. I'm not sure if it's because I feel held back, held back sexually definitely, I can't just say 'fancy a fuck?' as I can never tell how he react. Quiet boy once said he admired my sexual bravado, later that night he rejected me.
I'm not sure how long this can go on for. If I wanted just sex, I could easily call Jason.
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  1. '...he was determined to make me come, not in a romantic sense a technical one.'

    That hit home. I think I do this too, on occasions, having my mind so fixed on the destination that I forget to enjoy the journey we're taking together. Thanks for the wake-up call.

  2. Glad I could be of service! It's usually vice versa :)