Friday, 13 November 2009

Five days and eight hours

It's been five days and eight hours since I last had sex. I am feeling ever so frustrated. It doesn't help that this time of year brings out the harlot in me.
This week I had a first and a second date, respectively that is with two different men, and as pleasant as they were, one (the second date) was very formal and the second (the first date - more about him later) was very fun and playful, actually thinking about it, that date did provide me with wank fodder for the remainder of the week. These two dates were my last in the list, all my potential dates are now dated.
I need more sex. Like an athlete needs a certain amount of calories and training for optimal fitness. I need more sex, full stop.
I am seeing Quiet boy tonight. I wonder what kind of mood his libido is going to be in...
It's actually more like five days and twelve hours - how depressing.
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  1. Oh dear - I hope Quiet boy is feeling horny...

  2. Haha...I need to meet more girls like you. (You are a girl, aren't you?)

  3. My lover and I of a year parted yesterday with a mammoth all-night session. But now I'm faced with the prospect of not having sex until... er... God knows :( I have plenty of 'wank fodder' (love your phrase!) but trips to London without a 4-8 hour sex session at the end of them are now going to seem very lonely and frustrating indeed. All this means, sorry ;-), is that I feel for you! X

  4. Sounds like me right about now. sigh...

  5. Kitty Moore

    It took him a while to warm up, but he got there in the end!

    Plenty of..

    I am and I love it.


    That is bad news - I hope the wank fodder sees you through :)


    *sigh* indeed!