Thursday, 26 November 2009

For good behaviour

"Unfortunately most men lose their desire to have sex with a girl the longer they are with them..." was a comment left on one of my posts.
If this is the case, can there be a 'happy ever after' or is it an improbable dream?
As divorce rates rise and people change, develop and grow over time what is wrong with having a decade partner instead of a life partner.
In the UK being convicted for life imprisonment represents 16 years*, which equates to eight years for good behaviour.
Why not same for relationships, with the exception of course you get to have eight years together with sixteen for good behaviour?!
Hence the sometimes common phrase - [been married 20 years] would have got less for murder...


  1. Hey it isn't all as disheartening as that. Not every man feels the same way as I do. I know this guy, (rich, successful, good looking dude), whose wife topped herself. He is still alone and obviously still in love with her. He has met lots of girls since her but he can't seem to forget her. So it isn't an improbable dream, maybe just an unobtainable dream.

  2. I've heard a similar sentiment expressed as "Show me a beautiful woman, and I'll show you a man who's tired of fucking her". But admittedly, I've felt the seven year itch, but I'm precocious, so it fell on our six-year (de facto) anniversary.

  3. Christ, six years? Excluding my immediate family, (I knew my parents for the first sixteen years of my life and there is my continuing relationship with my younger brother, although I didn't see him for ten years), I don't think I have know anyone for more than sixteen months.