Thursday, 26 November 2009


I have used up all my dates.
I am bored of dating and bored of not-dating, my libido is bored of all.
I'm not sure what is going to happen with Keaton, and although I have Quiet boy on the sidelines, if I mention anything resembling commitment or the next week even, he is likely to go off like a Catherine Wheel.
A good friend accepted a proposal of marriage last weekend and announced that she met her beau online - which was news to her nearest and dearest, when they got together at least a few years back this wasn't the proclaimed case.
Under the influence of alcohol and peer pressure, I didn't have the heart to divulge that I had been seeing Quiet boy again, there would have been lectures, and what with the uncertaintly of Keaton, I was open to temptation.
Intoxicated, the three singletons - slutty, sensible and frigid all vowed to give it a go.
It being so close to Christmas I asked for at least a two month reprieve. I was granted a five weeks...
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