Sunday, 1 November 2009

Blog fodder

Two close friends know that 30-F-London exists. It's out there on the internet, somewhere. They haven't asked nor would they what the address is, although I doubt that has stopped either of them googling sex blog.
One posed an interesting question:
Friend: What do you think your merry men would think about included and used as blog fodder?
Me: Nothing, they don't know.
Friend: What if they did? What if someone wrote about sex with you..?
Me: How would I feel - I'd be interested to read it, I'm open to a critique. Normally a lover never admits to the juicy stuff! I think if I were to be in a relationship I might have to rethink it. I don't know - why do you think it's wrong?
Friend: I think it's a complete breach of their privacy...
Me: Privacy? I don't name them, well apart from my pet names...
Friend: Trust then.
Me: Trust? You're a fine one to talk about trust. You make it sound like I hate men, I don't, I love men. It's a celebration if anything?!...
I mean no malice with regards to the men in my life, I try and include only sexual details of our coitus. My sexual side is growing, developing and maturing. I am still learning about my body, what it can do, enjoying that interaction and nurturing it.
The question remains. Am I breaching some privacy guidelines?
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  1. I get this preachy shit all the time. And I've been caught out TWICE by girls I've written about. One included a sex scene. She didn't mind it actually. The other, who I said had a dusty face, threatened libel until I explained that I have a degree in the subject and was on safe ground...

  2. Personally, I'm not sure how I'd feel if I found out I was being written about in the way you do - probably intrigued in the first instance, but of course, I suppose my reaction would ultimately depend on whether I was given a good review or a bad one !

    I don't personally really see it as a breach of trust though because - as you said - their anonymity remains intact.

  3. Thanks - glad to hear your opinion :)