Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The Big O Holy Grail

Orgasms are a funny thing - ha-ha and peculiar.
As I get older, my determined quest for the holy grail of orgasms only gets more substantial...
It's been just under six hours since I last climaxed and my, it was mind blowing, yet the effects have worn off already.
When I was younger, even an above-the-knicker stroke would have had me sexually elated for weeks.
Aged 16 - 17: The quantity of sex was the most important, it was about having sex and a lot of it, it was enjoyable. I was insatiable, as was my first, and second boyfriend.
Happy with: My vagina in action.
Post-sex euphoria lasted: At least a month.
Aged 18: My first orgasm, with my third sexual boyfriend. It came out of the blue, we were walking home and it started to rain, I mean really rain, when we got to mine and I took off my jeans and my legs were dyed indigo from the denim. We started to kiss, still drenched from the impending storm, and it just happened, he penetrated me, and we'd never been closer physically and emotionally, each time his tongue penetrated my mouth, I could feel a sensation I hadn't felt before and within minutes I was breathlessly asking him just to continue what he was doing, not to move, and my whole body shuddered. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Even now when I think of him I still hold a soft spot for him.
Happy with: Intimate yet energetic sex, curious about that 'wet' night.
Post-sex euphoria lasted: At least a fortnight
Aged 19: Back to pre-orgasm land - my priority was having sex and wondering where the fuck that feeling of that wet night could be relived, in more ways that one.
Happy with: Sex.
Post-sex euphoria lasted: At least a fortnight
Aged 20-21: My second orgasm, with a complete arsehole of a so-called-boyfriend. I couldn't believe as I started to pull away emotionally, our sex got better, and I couldn't understand how my body could love a man I was beginning to hate. When our short-lived fling ended, I bought my first vibrator.
Happy with: Self-induced orgasms and flings.
Post-sex euphoria lasted: At least a week.
Aged 22-25: The love of my life showed me the real intimacy of sex. At the beginning we had a few trial and errors put down to nervousness. I panicked the first time I told him I loved him, I knew I loved him and tried to suffocate the feeling all week, after a glass of wine I admitted to him how I felt and he reciprocated which made me cry. For the rest of our relationship I climaxed 99% of occasions. Bingo. B.I.N.G.O.
Happy with: Daily orgasms.
Post-sex euphoria lasted: An eternity, I was in a continuous post-orgasmic state.
Aged 26: Being single left me with a determination for masturbation, I bought some sex toys, some cheap, some expensive and tried every which way but loose to get myself to orgasm, I discovered erotic literature and kept certain fantasies in mind. I got to know my clitoris and g-spot to the point of control.
Happy with: Self-induced orgasms and flings.
Post-sex euphoria lasted: A few days.
Aged 27 - 29: Sexless in London or more specifically the occasional boyfriend-aided orgasm.
Happy with: The weekly fuck.
Post-sex euphoria lasted: A day if that.
Aged 29 - present: On the hunt for the next top orgasm. I feel like I am less likely to have a one night stand as crass as it sounds I can go home alone and have a ladyplay to the what if fantasy.
Happy with: The orgasm quest (topped up with ladyplays)
Post-sex euphoria lasted: Well, it's been been five hours and fifty minutes...
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  1. Do women realise, I wonder, just what a pleasurable experience it is for us men to be able to give a woman a mind-blowing orgasm? Sadly it woud seem that too many men have yet to realise this as well.

  2. I'm at the aged 29 - present at the moment. the euphoria last a day tops ;)

  3. Fat Controller

    Like I said in Selfless vs. Selfish ( a sexually happy woman will do almost anything... I can't work out whether it's a lack of communication or them just not caring.

    Little Miss Angry

    If I was having sex daily, then I could live with a day!