Saturday, 10 October 2009


Jason is amazing *confident smile - covering any not-for-one-second insecurities*. He officially emailed me last, but after I had detailed some of my fanatasies and what I would like him to do with me, he replied with "have a good weekend"! Without even a yay or nay to my list of demands *cough* desires (I only mentioned one - Domination - from the list). We had a casual chat about casual communication which cleared up most of the understanding and cemented what we both wanted and needed from each other - this was obviously pillow talk, we had better things to start with.
Last night he arrived promptly, a little wet from the rain, armed with his wanton grin, the moment I saw his face my loins melted. As he initiated the 'normal' sexual abandonment, I asked him to slow down.
I undressed him almost as if I was giving him a lap dance, I stayed very close to him and kissed his gorgeous body where clothes had been momentarily before and asked him to stay standing. I was dressed in a cutesy 'girl next door' dress but underneath had a lacey bra, knickers, suspender combination, his eyes said it all when he felt the suspender belt but I was not to be rushed.
With his hard penis standing to attention, I pumped some lube onto my chest and extra slowly I took his erection gently in and out of my cleavage, licking the head of his penis as it came towards my chin (note to self - buy some flavoured lubricant), with each down stroke into my cleavage, I would gaze up with more than just a glint in my eye. I intended to savour the moment and the taste of him.
As he got more excited and I could feel his balls tense, I asked him to fuck me, very hard, from behind. He obliged and did he.
There is something about his fabulous cock that massages my g-spot in the most amazing way.
As he began to fuck me, I asked for him to be harder, I came nearly immediately, then again and again. I always feel weird about coming so quicky as I am aware I immediately slow down and I know how annoying that can be when the roles are reversed, he flipped me over and I came again, he is my orgasm machine! We had sex a couple more times, but the first of the night is always the most intense, the best release.
Jason calms me, the sexual me, in its entirety. I worry that he satisfies me to a degree that my inner animal instinct is placated. He's not boyfriend material, but no-one else comes close at the moment to getting me off in such a way.
My muscles ache and I'm walking like John Wayne but it's worth it.
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