Monday, 26 October 2009

Worth the toyboy wait?

It's been nearly a fortnight since I have a) had sex and b) seen Jason. Coincidence?
I am seeing him tonight which is over a week later that I had anticipated, although cheeky, arousing and hot and heavy emails have been flying back and forth:
From: Jason To: 30-F-London I wonder if I'm going to get the slow and sensual Thirty, or the 'fuck me now' wants it hard and rough Thirty... Either way, I'm excited!
From: 30-F-London To: Jason
Sometimes I prefer slower and softer - before I didn't want to rush, I wanted to saviour your erection to its fullest, although I was so turned on, it took an incredible amount of self control not to have you fuck me on sight.
From: Jason To: 30-F-London
I must admit, I thoroughly loved our slower session. When you calmed me down, took my cock in your lubed hands and gently wanked me between your tits, it felt fantastic...
I can hardly wait to see him, I'm moist just thinking about what I have in store for our time together this evening although I can't promise I will be able to control myself.
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