Sunday, 4 October 2009

Who'd have thought...

I was apprehensive about last night's date as it was, he asked to reschedule from Friday night early Friday afternoon without a reason. We met at an equidistant location and from the off he was off. No kiss, no hello, just a nod and "shall we go in".
I offered to get the first drinks as there was a very distinct pause of him not going to.
After two drinks he looked bored and I mean bored, if I had wanted to listen to my own voice I could have stayed at home with a glass of brandy. I suggested we should call it a night, which obviously threw him, he, in turn had his own suggestion - going to a different place, we did, he didn't like that one either.
On the way to the third place, he touched the back of my neck and snogged my face to kingdom come. Wowee!! He completely changed his tune and said commented that his tongue was one of his 'strongest' features, and looked towards my knicker line.
He did taste of sweetcorn oddly.
At this point of the evening i.e. after twenty minutes of inelegant snogging in a basement bar, he said the three words that sapped all the moisture from my knickers "yours or mine".
I know can be easy, but there was something about his earlier behave that threw me. I made him an offer - a) we could go to mine with the intention of a one night stand or b) we could have another date. He chose another date. Who'd have thought.
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  1. You know all the classiest guys