Wednesday, 14 October 2009

That four letter word

Today during the fuck fest - there were times where I felt momentarily paralysed - when love was mentioned, not by me or my young lover but in song.
I always like fuck to music: a) I like music b) it helps drown out out background sounds and c) it helps create a rhythm, but today I realised how much of my playlists were love-centred, I was planning to sign up to some spotify playlists to assist with the fuck-to music but all the ones I initially saw were front-heavy with Marvin Gaye and alike.
Ironically when I am in this mood, I can't help but use (or overtly aware of) the adjective 'love' all the freaking time, I love this musician, I love it when the moon looks like.... blah blah blah...
I want music to fuck to, not make love to.
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