Saturday, 17 October 2009

Speed (bump) dating

A novice to speed dating, I wasn't sure what to expect last night - I was curious and hopeful. The event was held in a swanky bar, the lights were a little high, I suppose I was thinking of a dimly lit, velvet clad basement bar littered with candles and it certainly wasn't that.
I was disappointed that I didn't fancy any of the twenty men, which in turn was strange as I can usually find something about someone to fancy.
It was a nice polite event, after the first three, I turned to autopilot, although my mischievous side at half time managed to down two very strong cocktails, the second half got a tipsy 30-F-London.
After the event finished and the bar's music system doubled forthwith, I got speaking to the bloke who made me genuinely laugh. Within twenty minutes he had covered pornography and masturbation without any suggestive comments from me, his candid attitude was refreshing and as I was going to leave he kissed me and the kiss was so strange, it was like what one could only imagine being kissed by a Labrador, saliva everywhere!
I think speed dating is a good idea and could be great, but dependant on immediate chemistry.
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  1. The Labrador kiss I can handle. It's the rotwiller (no idea how to spell that) that gets me - took thrusting aggressively so I have no room to manouvre.

  2. Speed dating is one thing that I have always wanted to try but I can never convince my friends to come with me. Looks like great fun!!

  3. Speed dating is becoming very famous day by day and the begineer are scared and dont know how to react and they do something worng. Its great that you enjoyed your first date, And that nasty labrador kiss, looks yummy to you. Hope you get a getter date next time.
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  4. Speed dating is a organized form of matchmaking that focuses on meeting a lot of people in short period of time for 3 to 5 minutes and all I know about speed dating but still not tried to..heard experiences from my friends so willing to go for it..