Friday, 16 October 2009

Scent of a man

I usually wear just one perfume (at a time and in general), it's a signature scent. An ex (I'm still friends with the majority of exes) recently commented that when he smells 'me' on the tube, he can't help but smile and look for me. When I joked that that would be to hide, he laughed a little too hard!
If I smell Joop! or Dune Pour Homme I regress immediately to being a teenager and the 90s. It feels me with excitement, uncertainty and a hint of the undiscovered.
There are scents that I don't particularly like - CK1 a definite example - not only does it have a chemical smell it tastes disgusting. I had to ask Quiet Boy to stop spraying Lynx across his chest (adverts have a lot to answer for) as any nipple play made me gag, he was offended, the sensual atmosphere died, though this pretty much sums up the story of our relationship.
Jason wears an aftershave I normally wouldn't like, but on him it smells different or is it that I like him? Jason has gone AWOL again, like last time it was just after a heightened liberation of hardcore fantasies, unlike last time I have checked my messages properly.
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