Monday, 26 October 2009

The One

I love Peep Show, sadly the most recent series - series six - has come to a close. I think worryingly I can relate to both protagonists Jeremy and Mark, worryingly as their thoughts are pretty despicable.
Jeremy less so but 'this could be the one, she could be the one' of David Mitchell's character rings all too true.
Under my sexual bravado, I am too much of a romantic perhaps, I see the best in men with a touch of hesitation, when I meet someone I like, I can often mix along with the sexual fantasies the potential home-making fantasies.
On a not completely unrelated subject - I find myself enamoured with David Mitchell - maybe that has something to do with currently listening to his dulcet tones on the BBC Radio 4's The Unbelievable Truth, I do find intelligent men very attractive.
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  1. If you think this is weird, just you wait, you haven't seen anything yet! xx

  2. I love the peep show as well, it may seem odd to women, who seemingly have to plan for everything, but men left to their own devices are more likely to be like Jez. Did you also watch the inbetweeners another show that really showed what young men are like.

  3. Watching The Inbetweeners did make me reminisce of sexual years gone by and funny in a puerile way. The itch to lose one's virginity.