Friday, 30 October 2009

No hosiery, hoes

I am wearing tights for the first time this autumn/winter.
It has reminded me of this time last year when on a fourth/fifth date, the chap in question commented, "I really didn't think you liked me and I certainly didn't expect to wake up in bed with you". I coyly asked why? He said if a woman wears tights, men don't expect to get laid.
This made me laugh. A lot.
Do men really think like this? She's wearing tights - no sex for me?
I'm the first to admit I prefer the feeling of stockings and suspenders but they have their time and place. Stockings together with winter and short skirts are not always the best combination. I've now changed out of my tights into some tights-that-look-like-stockings and about to go out for the evening.
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