Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Monday's date was full of face

We met up too early on Monday, i.e. straight from work, drinking at 17:30 is not advised, especially not for a first date. There was a little chemistry but it was hard work, a few drinks later and he had relaxed, I asked questions and he answered them. As he didn't seem to ask me anything and such I couldn't decide if he was uninterested, bored, nervous or a combination.
No need to worry about me being on autopilot!
Any attraction had waned by ten and we called it a night.
He walked me to the station and went to kiss me, I nearly recoiled. About a metre from my face and his lips were already pursed in a surprised O shape, his lips didn't move from this position and instead of using his lips and tongue, he moved his head to kiss. Very odd.
So why didn't I pass on the kiss? Because I can be swayed by a kiss. A good kiss, and some passion.
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