Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Mischievous Monday

Seeing Jason excites me, not romantically but I am aware that he stirs my loins more than he should. I was determined to have an evening full of tease and he didn't disappoint.
I joked that it had been too long since we saw each other last, and that he was to be punished for allowing such a time lapse, he tried to lift my dress, I stopped him, saying he was not yet deserving of the goods!
His erection was firm and trying to push through his trousers, his smile mischievous, he said he wanted me, "you'll have to wait" was my reply. We kissed intensely, fast and hard, soft and slow then hard again.
I unbuttoned his shirt, slowly, kissing and licking his nipples, undid his belt and asked him how he intended to get back in my good books, he agreed that he had been bad and he would make it right. Soon enough, he was naked in front of me. Me fully dressed in a cocktail dress, stockings, suspenders, lacy bra and knickers.
I was so turned on, he was naked standing in front of me, his erection red and hard. He went to remove my dress, I said he could if he behaved. I lubed my breasts (cherry lube doesn't taste half bad!), and wanked him with them, I thought he was going to come there and then, when I slowed down it seemed to arouse him more.
He laid me down, spooned me and played with my clitoris, I was so wet, just as I was about to come I asked him to fuck me. I was tempted to come in his hand, but was aware that his throbbing cock was there. He asked how I would like him to fuck me.
"Either you on the sofa, with me straddl..."
"Done, I want you straddling me, I don't want any other suggestions..."
That was easy! I like the way he is so open to new ideas and happy to please. With us both so turned on, he felt great in me. I think I have not just found my mojo* but used and abused it!
I straddled him, just the widening of my legs increased my arousal, as he penetrated me - I gasped - it felt so good. I love being on top, I fucked him hard and then slowed down and then hard again, I could have gone on for hours it felt that good.
We both crashed on the bed. I find pillow talk with him so easy. It's very open and he notices the small things i.e. my hair is different or new stockings etc.
A while later, I lay on top of him, kissing him while allowing my body to move slowly up and down his torso, as I felt him getting hard again, his tongue was harder and stronger in my mouth. I reached down and wanked him hard as I whispered how I wanted his cock, how it made me feel, how he felt in my hand... He asked again how he should fuck me. Doggy! And I specifically requested that he fuck me, really hard, he obliged, a little hair pulling, I came loud and hard simultaneously with him. He makes the most delicious noises as we fuck and especially as he is near to ejaculation.
I'm not sure if it is the age gap (he is five years my junior) or he's naturally more passive but I am certainly in charge and it works on a casual level. I am thinking that maybe I should be more prescriptive or instructive with what I want him to do, he's eager enough.
*I had been thinking about how to get back my on-top-mojo and realised that my bed is too soft for the control needed. All week I have wanted to try out the sofa - and my - it was fucking great or should that be great for fucking?
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