Thursday, 22 October 2009

It's only sex

Friend: So, how's the toyboy?
Me: On and off, seeing him this weekend
Friend: For s hag?
Friend: For a shag?
Me: Oh yeah...
Friend: The sex still amazing?
Me: It's fucking brilliant, no oral (on me) yet
Friend: That might be a good thing
Me: WTF?!
Friend: That's your connector, that's your deal-breaker and this is a sex-only relationship isn't
it? I mean you're not emotionally involved.
Me: Of course not.
Friend: "Of course not". Wake up and smell the shit.
Me: I'm not!!
Friend: You so are - and you have every right to be - he is hot! And you are yourself with him, none of that trying to impress bullshit.
Me: I admit, I like him, I sometimes, just sometimes think about him and his cock and what I would like them both to do to me, but that's it - I don't want to actually be with him.
Friend: You're in danger territory... I don't want to see you get hurt.
Me: I'm fine, it's fine.
Friend: Repeat after me. It's only sex.
Me: "It's only sex".
Friend: Hhmmm...
Me: "Hhmmm..."
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