Thursday, 15 October 2009

If NASA did moisturisers...

Last night I had an last minute date, was it successful? Let's just say I was home, tucked up in my settee by 22:00 in time to watch True Blood.
Impromptu date
An impromptu date for me can be compared to a daytime booty call, the bloke in question has been away and yesterday afternoon I got a call from him apologising for not being in touch whilst on the other side of the world, but would really like to have those drinks with me and was I free that very evening?
I said yes. I preferred that it was a call and not a text or email, he sounded genuine and although it was short notice I love spontaneity and I didn't have any plans. Why am I justifying it? I don't know.
Those drinks
This is an example of how one shouldn't give one's number to someone at silly o'clock in the morning at a party and assume that the conversation would carry on... he was courteous, complimentary and sweet but there was no real spark and I was a little alarmed at him laughing at my anecdotes, they were funny, they weren't that funny.
In for the kill
I'm not sure if perhaps he is a lightweight when it comes to alcohol or it was the jet lag, but when I returned from a trip to the ladies, he greeted me with a kiss, a peck on the lips. I was a little taken aback but returned the kiss, and cue ten minutes of pure hard snogging. What can I say? No spark but I love kissing.
When the face sucking stopped so did all sense of conversation. There was an awkward silence which I tried to ease with a smile, he said it was getting late (at 21:30!!) and we should do this again.
I am now left with the indentation of his coarse stubble on my face, I'm trying to keep the area moisturised but know there is some flakiness to come.
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