Saturday, 31 October 2009

"I cannot reassure you any further"

So it's not been 48 hours since the heated evening with Quiet boy and already I am getting calls and emails stating his worry that I will eventually want commitment.
It's driving me a little mad. In the words of The Smiths; I am human and I need to be loved. We are meant to meet up on Tuesday but at this rate I can's see this happening.
I've said I am willing to try something casual without commitment nor exclusivity and take it from there, and pointed out that it's unattractive enough trying to reassure a partner that you have strong amourous feelings towards them, and it is becoming just as unappealing and frankly off-putting to reassure a-not-yet-nor-ever-if-this-carries-on partner that you won't propose four weeks down the line.
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  1. There was going to be a second reference:

    "I was bored before I even began"
    [The Smiths - Shoplifters of the World Unite]

  2. You can never go wrong with a Smiths reference. And yes, it's very offputting to have to reassure a partner that you don't want to have his babies.