Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I am not worthy

Yesterday I was a little caught up and preoccupied with the 'girl on top' mojo hunting, I forgot to mention the most fun of the daytime frolics.
I had previously informed Jason of my fantasies for being dominated and to dominate. He seemed to have similar ideas and would like to indulge both sides of domination - wahoo!
As he penetrated me doggy style, he gently tugged at my hair, that small tug intensified my arousal at least ten fold. I asked him to do it again, and to fuck me harder, to pull my hair again, to spank me and tell me I was filthy, that I wasn't worth it or deserve it. He did everything I asked and more, the orgasm that shuddered through me was extremely intense, as he withdrew, my body and my pussy immediately felt the loss.
It's safe to say I am naturally submissive, although just because the dominant side in me is dormant, it's certainly there simmering.
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