Friday, 9 October 2009

Date rituals

I'm not sure how preparing for a date has become such a ritual:
The day before
- Intensive moisturising face mask (I'm not quite at the Oil of Ulay stage but it can't be long...)
- Intensive moisturising hair mask
- Check that the underwear I plan to wear is clean, matched or buy a new lacy combination
- Buy stockings (rough sex is obliterating my supply of stockings and hold-ups)
- Decide on outfit
- Ensure clean bed linen
On the day
- Defuzzing
- Locate fresh pineapple (my kiss is sweet)
- Polish fuck-me shoes
- Delicate make-up application i.e. enough to look good, not too much my face melts
Does this make me incredibly vain?
I am currently in the middle of 'on the day' ablutions and traditions.
Jason sent me a message, it turns out he was waiting for me to give him my availability and I was waiting to hear from him. We're seeing each other this evening and I'm already moist in anticipation.
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