Thursday, 15 October 2009

Date, date, date

After the mini resolution for the next few months of flirt, flirt, flirt, I have done just that. I also went through my phone and arranged dates with those I said I would get back to (all those?! yeah, that would be two!).
In total I have four dates between now and the end of the month and although I am finding the repetitiveness of first dates a little erm.. repetitive - when I don't have many dates my first date banter is nervous and giggly, if I have too many dates in a short space of time I sometimes find myself in autopilot mode - come the end of October, I will find myself missing the potential dates, dates and dating rituals but more so I will miss the excitement of "...what if...".
Underneath the pure filth that is my mind, my underwear and my self-lubricating areas, I am a romantic. I am seeking my holy grail of love - a man to satisfy me mentally, emotionally, intellectually, physically and sexually. Too much to ask? Scarily though, the older I get, the less willing I am to compromise.
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  1. Hmm, I find I confuse basic information dates have told me beforehand if I have too many on the go at the same time. Another nice post.

  2. I fall into two categories a) excitable - think Duracell bunny or b) slightly aloof. Not on purpose, I need to find a happy medium.