Thursday, 1 October 2009

Cramping my style

It's day one and I'm already going stir crazy.
A male friend is staying with me from today until Sunday, then from Sunday to Wednesday I am away with work. This equals a week of less wanking, less sex and more frustration.
Jason has gone AWOL, which is a good thing perhaps, I'm not sure how I would have snuck out to see him, can you get this? I have to justify myself to my judgemental friend and for what? I may just explode tonight at dinner - "I HAVE SEX, GET OVER IT!".
Like I said, Jason has gone quiet and I'm not sure why, the last email banter we had was at his request, detailing what I wanted him to do with me, him then taking those ideas and running with them. I was the last one to send an email, so don't really want to follow it up, I'm meant to be the confident older woman, we'll see.
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