Sunday, 25 October 2009

Compromise - part three

The Test
Just as I was feeling emotionally invincible, the ultimate compromise test winded me. Quiet boy wants to give it another go, saying he's missed me, blah blah blah. Before even giving it the time I thought it could have deserved, he was already handing out his rules; he doesn't want to spend time with my friends nor meet my family; if he wants out in one month's time, he can go quietly and so on.
What bollocks!
What do I want? I think it's probably too late to salvage any form of relationship. I slept well, woke up the next day and didn't have the anxiety I would have had say even a month or so ago.
Although I've repeatedly dreamt of the scenario, where he comes to me, stating that he wanted to share his life with me but inevitably in my dream he didn't ruin it minutes later.
He said that he was intimidated by my sexual openness and hunger, I explained that that this would not change, if anything my sexual desires are increasing with age. I have a high libido and a curiosity that needs to be satisfied not suffocated.
After sexual discontent with Mr Maybe Next Time, I felt proportionately more happy with Quiet boy but at times I felt I had to ask for sex, and was refused, the sexual rejection - a perfect example of what I would not settle for or with ever again.
I ended the conversation by getting him to ejaculate and left it at that.
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