Monday, 5 October 2009

Asexual dating

Is it me or is there a new generation of asexual dating etiquette.
Us, the English or should that be British, I can never remember the correct political correctness, anyway, we have a strange view of dating as it is. In retrospect my recent dates have been so very grown-up, with talk about ambitions, expectations and being intelligent without any occasional coquettish behaviour or sense of fun and for me it's all about the playfulness.
The relationships with my most successful partners, I met them respectively at parties or clubs, as it happens - all of those also didn't end with a sexual encounter on the first night - food for thought.
Back to the asexual dating, when did people start hiding their attraction? When I was younger, a randy teenager, it was easy to spot - a) he told you b) his mate told you c) his mate told your mate who told you or d) he pulled your hair.
And I know it's not totally one-sided but however forward I am, I still want to be feminine and next to his masculinity and by default naturally submissive. I have a dominator inside of me, but it's not my constant.
A mini resolution for the next few months: flirt, flirt, flirt.
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